A Barolo Experience

Here, where the land is embroidered with vineyards, castles and villages imbued with tradition, is Arborina Relais: a small and precious boutique hotel in La Morra. Arborina Relais is perfectly integrated in the surrounding nature and landscape, a marvellous belvedere looking onto the rolling Barolo hills.
With its simple lines, large windows, soft lighting, and natural materials like wood and stone, it is a relais with a fine atmosphere, where every detail has been designed with care.


Dear Guests, a holiday in Langa means nature, outdoor spaces, pleasure, good food and wine but mostly peace and quiet and exclusive. To offer you all this, we have transformed the way we work. To guarantee a stress free and safe holiday Arborina style, we have set up new opportunities for our Guests.



In the dialect of the Piedmont region “Arborina” means “shoot”, a new plant growing from the parent plant.
On the map of the Barolo wine region is a cru called Arborina. This is the name of the hill near the Relais, onto which the suites and terraces of the rooms look.



The time devoted to food is fundamental for us and is important in celebrating important events and milestones in our lives.
We hope that our tavern catches your attention, captures your heart and takes you on a journey through the quality of our flavours and compositions.

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At Arborina Relais, “living” amongst the vineyards means recognising the value of the work done by the people living there, in particular by the winemakers, who regale us each year with the colours, flavours and fragrances that only a great wine can offer.
So, why not enjoying a smell, taste and visual voyage which is unique in the world?



Arborina Relais: a palette of emotions

Relaxation, charm, attention to detail, privacy, landscape, spa, wine and cuisine: Arborina Relais was designed to be a harmonious palette of emotions to create a unique and special holiday.

Every guest is unique and important for us, just like a friend visiting our home. So, we want our guests to feel pampered and welcome in a warm and relaxing environment with a familiar feel, but yet rigorously professional in the hospitality services we offer.



Happiness like a fine wine, it should be savoured sip by sip.
Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872)